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The OOC community for rpg_gh_drama [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The OOC community for rpg_gh_drama

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(no subject) [Mar. 18th, 2007|01:58 pm]
The OOC community for rpg_gh_drama

1. I put Ben Hogestyn back in the role of Lucas.

2. Would anyone mind me SORASing Micheal?
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I am a very bad Mod! [Mar. 1st, 2007|04:08 pm]
The OOC community for rpg_gh_drama

Guess what though? I am back!

I was going through some very personal things that caused me to slack but I am over it and ready to continue...are the rest of you?

I want to thank ric_lansing and aj_quartermaine for the continued participation.

We will have another grouo storyline soon...a disaster like a snow storm, maybe? hmm.

If anyone wnats to drop out...let me know so I recast your character ir kill you off! heh.
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(no subject) [Jan. 15th, 2007|02:55 pm]
The OOC community for rpg_gh_drama
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Hello guys! Does anyone have ideas for what Maxie can do now? Because Lucky is pretty much dumping her & Liz knows. So should Maxie be like on the show & hold on (which I think would be fun, I can usally play desperation well haha) or have her just give up? & If she holds on what should she do? Or whats the next step? Helpppp(:
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apologies and a plea for assistance! [Jan. 8th, 2007|02:01 am]
The OOC community for rpg_gh_drama

Hey all. Writer for Alcazar and AJ here. I am so sorry for being MIA for a while. Between the craziness of the holidays and coming down with the flu, logging online had been nearly impossible. Well, everything's calming down here now and I want to get back into the game!

I guess what I'll do is try to wrap up the auction threads my characters are in. My question is, what to do next? Mods or writers for characters involved, your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Should AJ still be at Jake's, waiting for Carly to meet up with him and stage the move to a safe house?

Does anyone want to interact with Lorenzo or have ideas for his next storyline? I liked the idea of him trying to glean info from Lainey. Same goes for working with Ric to try to bring Sonny down. Then there's the Anna sitch. haha. Yeah, not sure where to start, so suggestions are welcome! Very much looking forward to writing with you all again.
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self promoting [Jan. 6th, 2007|11:55 pm]
The OOC community for rpg_gh_drama

Ok, most communities don't allow advertising for other communties but screw it...

I have recently started watching One Life to Live and I am loving it. I was thinking of starting a OLTL rpg. I am going to play Todd Manning and maybe someone else. I was wondering if anyone would be interested.

Also, there is a fun little project I have been working on. I noticed how the character of Skye has gone through all 3 ABC soaps and I a friend and I created this original character. I started to write a fan fic about her. The story starts in General Hsopital and then goes to AMC, OLTL ands then back to General Hospital. If you are interested let me I will send you the link.

That is all.
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Hello all [Jan. 6th, 2007|08:25 pm]
The OOC community for rpg_gh_drama
Hi everyone. I have already alerted Aimee, But I am thinking of droping Emily Quartermaine. I don't love Emily the way I used to and I don't think I play the role that well. I am willing to give my journal and all my icons (Thanks to ric_lansing for those. She showed me where to find them)

If no one wants it I will keep it. Let me know.
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To the Mods [Jan. 4th, 2007|05:32 pm]
The OOC community for rpg_gh_drama

Since we no longer have a Guy, I was wondering if I could just write him out as part of Lucas's depression storyline? He's not going to die or anything, I'm not a GH writer after all. I just don't want Lucas pining over a character who's not on canvas.
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Question [Jan. 2nd, 2007|06:53 pm]
The OOC community for rpg_gh_drama
How many of y`all are still rping out your Bachelor Auction threads? ( and not just struggling to come up with something because its your turn, and you want to keep things flowing ) I know personally, I'm running out of things to say/do - plus two of my characters have left.

I'm more than willing to keep it going if people are still actively participating, but if the majority of us aren't, we could go ahead and have it the following day and whatnot - skip ahead a bit, so we can get people back into the game. Everyone seems to be tapering off, and I thought it might be because they ( you guys ) are unsure of whether or not we can finish off the with the auction.

So, if anyone has any other big plans for the auction, speak now!
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Happy New Year! [Dec. 30th, 2006|07:30 pm]
The OOC community for rpg_gh_drama
I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and has a Happy New Year celebration tomorrow night and the next day! I noticed it's been a little inactive in here lately, but I'm sure it's just because of the holidays and stuff.

And I also know that I haven't really introduced myself. I'm Angela and I am the new Elizabeth. So far I've had a blast rping with you guys ^^ I'm excited to continue. Hope to hear from you all soon! Happy holidays!

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This message was brought to you by me.... [Dec. 23rd, 2006|11:58 pm]
The OOC community for rpg_gh_drama

I just wanted to say Merry Christmas to all of you. Hope your holidays are fun and safe.

-love Aimee
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